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What is a subscriber milestone referral program?

Grow your email list by rewarding subscribers for referring their friends.

Great for pre-launch products, sites getting started with email marketing, and stores with an existing email list looking for a boost of new subscribers.

Refer your friends

Invite visitors to sign up for your email newsletter and referral program.

They’ll share your site across email and social media and earn rewards based on how many friends they refer to your email list.

Reach a milestone

Once they’ve referred the right number of friends, your subscriber reaches a milestone and unlocks a new reward.

Some milestones our customers have set up are free stickers, shirts, and product samples.

Get a reward

You’ll deliver your rewards to your subscribers. The more referrals, the better the rewards, and the bigger your email list!

You’re in good company

Across our referral and affiliate programs, our customers have been featured in the New York Times, generated multi-million dollar revenues, and built massive brands.

Our newsletter grew by 5k+ subscribers in under two weeks with Peach’s subscriber milestone program. Their platform is dynamic and offers powerful inbound leads.

Jude, Project Manager — Nathaniel Drew

Why subscriber milestone referral programs work

Get more subscribers for your email list by encouraging people to share with their friends.

Small budget, BIG impact

Forget expensive marketing campaigns and fiddling with Google Ads. With a subscriber milestone referral program, you’ll pay one small monthly fee to reach thousands of people – organically.

Simple to set up and manage

Setting up your milestone referral program takes a couple of minutes. Connect our widgets, configure your milestone rewards, and customize your email templates. No coding or designers required!

Show up on socials

With our widgets, subscribers share your site directly on Facebook, Twitter, email, and every other social network. They’ll share your store directly with their friends to boost your brand.

Email marketing = huge ROI

A subscriber marketing campaign helps you build your email list – fast! Once you’ve built your list, get emailing with Mailchimp or Squarespace campaigns and generate a tidy $38 for every $1 spent.

Thanks for making such an amazing product that's easy to use and so easy to set-up. Our next launch is going to be amazing!


Track referral links and referred subscribers

Every subscriber gets their own unique link to share with friends. When people visit their friend’s link, we’ll track their visit and sign-up so you can reward your subscribers.

Powerful milestone configurations

Want to offer different rewards for one referral, five referrals, and twenty-five referrals? No problem! With our powerful milestone configuration options, you can set up your program exactly the way you need.

Simple setup and intuitive dashboards

With our intuitive dashboards, it’s easy to see who’s signed up, how many referrals you’ve earned, and which subscribers need their rewards.

Custom branding

With custom branding on all our plans, you’ll get a milestone referral program – complete with subscriber dashboards and email templates – that seamlessly fits your website.

Manage your rewards

We’ll automatically track referral and subscribers, and keep track of who needs a reward on your dashboard. When you’ve fulfilled a reward, just mark it fulfilled in your dashboard. No complicated spreadsheets!

Unparalleled Squarespace integration

Our subscriber milestone programs work on any website, but it’s no secret we’re obsessed with Squarespace. Our plug-in has unmatched integration with Squarespace sites – both Squarespace 7 and 7.1.

Set up is a breeze, the features are outstanding, and support is super helpful. I’m a big fan and really happy we made the switch.

Cody, Founder — Ghost

User of our affiliate program plug-in


Take a look at how you can use Peach’s.

Robin Swan Fashion
Refer friends, earn rewards!
Tell your friends about us and get a free t-shirt when you refer five friends to our email newsletter.

How do you want to share?

I'm really happy with the support I've received. Matthew answers any question I have with in-depth response and in a timely manner. I really appreciate the time he's spent with our team helping us understand the program and customize it just for us!

Not sure which plan is right for you? Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll help set up your program.


$49 / month Up to 1,000 subscribers Prices in USD and per program
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14 day free trial

Subscriber referral tracking

Advanced milestone configuration

Simple reward management

Customizable styles and copy

Customizable email templates

Export your subscribers


$99 / month Up to 5,000 subscribers Prices in USD and per program
Get Started

14 day free trial

Everything from the Individual plan

Priority email support

Custom CSS changes


Contact Us
Contact Us

High volume accounts

Enterprise support

Custom code tweaks

Custom integration

Peach's has the integrations you need

With flexible CSV export, you’ll be able to integrate your subscriber list straight into your email marketing tool of choice.


Squarespace Email Marketing

Import/Export CSV contacts

FAQs about our subscriber milestone programs

If you don't see your question answered here, email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

What is a subscriber milestone referral program?


A subscriber milestonestone referral program helps you build your email list. When someone signs up for the program, they’ll be able to share your site and newsletter with their friends. Then, you can reward them based on the number of friends they’ve referred to sign up for your newsletter.

How does it help my business?


Building your email marketing list is an essential part of growing your business. Email marketing has some of the best ROI for marketing activities in e-commerce, and helps you keep in touch with your most dedicated customers.

How do I display my milestones and rewards on my website?


By default, we provide the sign up form, sharing, and stats widgets for your store. To tell your customers which milestone rewards are available, we recommend creating a landing page explaining your offers, and adding our widgets script to that page. This means you can use the powerful, well-designed page builder included in your website builder platform (e.g. Squarespace), and integrate our scripts as needed.

How do I create a landing page for my referral program?


First, create a landing page using your website builder software. Add content to your page explaining the referral offer. Then, somewhere on the page, include our script tag to add our sign up, stats, and sharing widgets.

How do I export my subscribers out of Peach’s?


We make it really easy to export your subscribers out of Peach’s. From the Subscribers tab in your dashboard, click the button that says “Export CSV.” From there, you can import your contacts into Mailchimp, Squarespace, or any other email marketing tool.

Is Peach's worth the investment?


If you have a website with loyal customers and a great product offering, it's very likely you'll get great results with Peach's milestone referral software.

How long will it take to get set up and running?


It'll take you just a few minutes to fill out the form with all your preferences and connect your Squarespace store. You can spend as long as you like customizing the look and feel of your forms, dashboards, and email templates, but most Peach's customers are done in around 10-20 minutes. Then you're ready to launch!

Will you help me set up my program?


Absolutely. Contact us at [email protected]. We offer free concierge services for all our subscriber milestone program customers.

Can I cancel my free trial before I get charged?


Yes! All our plans come with a 14-day free trial, and we have a generous 30-day refund policy in case you forget to cancel.

How do I request a refund?


You can request a refund for any payments in the last 30 days by contacting our support team via email on [email protected].

Can I customize the branding myself?


Yes. You can access settings to update the look and feel of your sign up forms, email templates, and widgets. If you have any difficulty with customizing your brand, you’re welcome to reach out to your Peach’s concierge for help.

Do I need to edit any code on my website for this to work?


Not really. You’ll need to add a couple of scripts to your site, but it’s a simple copy-paste job and we’ll guide you through every step. No coding know-how needed!

How much ongoing maintenance is involved in running a Peach's milestone referral program?


Once you're set up, the main thing you'll need to keep an eye on is fulfilling rewards. Email notifications and your Peach's dashboard will help you stay on top of which subscribers have earned rewards. When you’re ready to fulfill a reward for a subscriber, simply deliver the reward to your subscriber, and mark it fulfilled as you go. It’s easy to track and manage your milestone rewards with Peach’s.


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