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Reach new customers with a free refer-a-friend program

All growing businesses face the same problem: How do you find customers?

Peach’s free refer-a-friend software has helped small businesses reach over 150,000 new customers by increasing their word of mouth.

“We’d built something amazing but the app just wasn't spreading. Now, our customers are our best advertising!”

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Struggling to Find New Customers?

Fast-growing businesses must have read the research – 9 out of 10 people discover new businesses by talking to their friends.

The one thing all these companies have in common? They have killer word of mouth.

But if you're not running a refer-a-friend program right now, your customers have no reason to talk about you.

“This referral program helped us find thousands of new customers.”

Used by the Best

Uber, Dropbox, and Citibank all have refer-a-friend programs.

Why? Increased word of mouth. Cheaper than old-school advertising. Insane customer loyalty.

But these companies spend thousands of dollars building their referral programs.

Peach’s software gives you the tools to create a refer-a-friend program for your business. Today. For Free.

It starts with one customer

Who tells a couple of friends about you

You reward that customer

Their friends tell more friends

And your business booms

Here’s What to Do

Reward your customers for telling their friends about you.

It’s like Uber’s program where you get a $5 credit when you get your friend to sign up.

You don’t need to be a huge business to create a killer reward program. Peach’s free refer-a-friend software is the all-in-one solution for your business.


of people say that a positive recommendation from a friend is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product.

Paul M Rand

Highly Recommended: Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth

Peach’s Solution

With Peach’s easy web software, create a refer-a-friend program for your business in just ten minutes.

You can have your own world-class refer-a-friend program today.

  1. Sign Up

    Your customer signs up for the refer-a-friend program. Just embed our form onto your website – Peach’s takes care of the rest!

  2. Generate Link

    We generate a unique referral link for that customer. Something like

  3. Share Link

    Your customer sends a message to their friends and colleagues about your product, or they post on social media. They’ll include their referral link, and their friends visit that link.

  4. Reward Customer

    After their friends have downloaded or purchased your product, we’ll generate a reward for the original customer and send it off to them.


0–1,999 Referrals

per month


2,000–4,999 Referrals


per month

5,000–9,999 Referrals


per month

10k+ Referrals

per month

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Peach’s refund policy is very generous. You can automatically request a refund at any time if you are unhappy with your service.

Fantastic Features. All Included.

Our all-in-one solution has what you need to reach new customers and grow your business.

  • No hosting costs
  • Intelligent spam detection
  • Advanced customer management
  • Custom domains
  • Themes & customization
  • Historical stats and dashboards
  • Regular email reports
  • Customer progress tracking


Peach’s refer-a-friend software integrates perfectly with all the services that power your business.

Our goal is to fit in with your business. We have a team of engineers dedicated to building integrations with any tool your business needs. Just get in touch!

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Case Study – Vanilla

Vanilla is a desktop application that has been featured on Business Insider, The Verge, and OS X Daily.

They’ve used a Peach’s refer-a-friend program to generate hundreds of social media posts and attract over 30,000 new customers.

Please go ahead and download Vanilla. A neat little mac utility that lets you manage your menu bar icons in the top right.

Trent Goldenblade (@T_Goldenblade)

Do you own a Mac? Do you have a ton of icons in your menu bar and want to hide them? You should get Vanilla, it's super awesome.

Mads Anderson (@Anderz3nn)

Vanilla is an app to hide menu bar icons on your Mac. It's free, and works super well! 💯

Max Stoiber (@mxstbr)

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