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The best solution to what we have been looking for with Squarespace. The team went above and beyond to set up the referral program for our website. The team is even happy to customise solutions for you!

Pawan Saunya, Zero Waste Club

Powering referrals for hundreds of Squarespace stores

You need a referral program

Word-of-mouth marketing = untapped potential for your business. Your customers already love you, so help them share the love!

92% of people are influenced by recommendations when purchasing products

Consumers are ​4x more likely to buy​ when referred by a friend

Get ​16% higher lifetime value​ when customers come via referral

Stats from smart people and reputable sources: Paul M Rand, Nielsen, Wharton School of Business

Get the #1 Squarespace referral program

Most referral software isn’t designed for Squarespace eCommerce stores, so it’s frustrating to use and often breaks (not to mention pricey). But Peach’s referral software is exclusively made for Squarespace and tailored to your site. It works beautifully every time.

Exclusive Squarespace integration

We’ve built the best referral software exclusively for Squarespace eCommerce stores, boutique shops, and creatives.

Software that fits your branding

We fit seamlessly into your existing store design and customer experience, not the other way around. No cheeky peaches on your site, we promise.

Your Squarespace experts

We go above and beyond to help you with all the techy and code-y Squarespace bits, even stuff that’s not our software.

Solving your “how do I find customers?” problem

Marketing your business and finding customers is hard and expensive. That’s why we created Peach’s – so we could reach new customers on autopilot with no marketing spend. Problem solved!

  1. Get set up

    Sign up for free​. We’ll get your Squarespace referral program tailored to your site and ​live in just 1 business day​ – zero tech skills required!

  2. Get your first referral

    Your peachy keen customers sign up for your referral program via your store, then share it with their friends on Facebook, Instagram, or email.

  3. Make sales

    Say hello to more traffic, closely followed by more customers and a pretty sweet boost in revenue.

  4. Reward your referrers

    After you get an order via referral, we’ll automatically generate a discount code for the referrer and email it to them. Max out on customer loyalty!

  5. Get even more referrals

    Use the dashboard to see trends, referrals, and top referring customers so you can see how things are tracking and get even more referrals.

Pricing starts from $0

Unlock the sweet potential of referrals for free with our Starter plan. No credit card required. No hidden commissions. No time limits. Only pay when you scale up and grow.


For New Ideas

$0 / month

Get Started
  • 10 new referrers / month
  • Squarespace Integration
  • Tailored Design
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Advanced Fraud Protection

Side Hustle

For Side Projects

$19 / month

Get Started
  • 100 new referrers / month
  • Squarespace Integration
  • Tailored Design
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Advanced Fraud Protection

Business Class

For Growing Businesses

$49 / month

Get Started
  • 1,000 new referrers / month
  • Squarespace Integration
  • Tailored Design
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Advanced Fraud Protection
  • Custom Development
  • High Priority Support


For larger eCommerce stores

More Info
  • Squarespace Integration
  • Tailored Design
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Advanced Fraud Protection
  • Custom Development
  • Tiered Commissions
  • Priority Enterprise Support

Our guarantee

We believe in remarkable value with simple, transparent pricing. That means no lock-in contracts, upselling, or expensive subscriptions.

If you find that Peach’s isn’t for you, that’s okay. You can easily request a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Read more about our pricing and billing.

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Take a look at how you can use Peach’s.

Robin Swan Fashion
Refer a Friend for $10 Off!
Tell a friend about our store and get $10 off your next order after they purchase $30 or more.

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Unlimited features no matter what plan you’re on

Our all-in-one referral marketing solution has everything you need to reach new customers and grow your business via word of mouth.

Native Squarespace eCommerce integration

Payments processed securely with Stripe

No hosting costs
Advanced customer management
Custom domains
Themes and customization
Stats, reports and dashboards
Regular email reports
Customer progress tracking
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The best experience I have had with setting up an account. Super easy and the customer support is just fab. The great thing is the system is up and running within days of setting up and it's absolutely FREE! They only take a cut when their solution works. So it's just great.

Pawan Saunya, Zero Waste Club

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