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We’re here to help grow your Squarespace store.

Who are we?

Peach’s is a small company based in Bondi Beach, Australia.

We're the go-to resource for Squarespace stores that want to sell more products and run more successful launches with referral and affiliate marketing software.

In case it isn't obvious already, we’re obsessed with Squarespace. We love how easy it is to get a really beautiful website up and running super fast without compromising on quality. That’s why we custom-built our software to seamlessly integrate with Squarespace, with the same focus on speed and quality.

Over the last few years, our referral programs, social proof widgets, and speed tests have been used to power and grow hundreds of Squarespace stores.

If you want to get in touch, hit us up on email, Instagram, or Facebook.

Since 2016

But it all started when our founder, Matt, originally set up the Peach's refer-a-friend system in 2016 to help launch and sell his own app creations (Rocket and Vanilla). With Peach's, he soon had 10,000+ downloads from referrals alone. Results like that were just a bit too good to keep to himself, so Matt soon expanded the vision to share Peach's with Squarespace stores all around the world.

Peach's is still pretty fresh in the market, but we're already making a name for ourselves as referral and affiliate marketing experts for Squarespace. We've got BIG plans for the future. Maybe you'll join us?

Meet our founder, Matt

Matt Palmer is a software developer based in Sydney. He's built productivity SaaS applications for leading startups, scaled web services at Australia’s largest news organization, and consulted for a range of companies before founding his own company.

When he’s not dreaming up apps, Matt likes long distance running and open ocean swimming. Plus he loves reading and making homemade cereal. And yes, peaches are his favourite fruit.

こんにちは Josie!

Josephine Turner is an Honours graduate in International Relations interested in cyber security, aesthetics, and critical theory.

Part of the Sydney Film Festival’s web development team in 2019, Josephine is now based in Osaka, Japan. She is a fan of TWICE, Chomsky, Ratatouille and fermentation projects.

When she’s not helping Peach’s clients, she’s teaching English to kindergarteners or learning tea ceremony.



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