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The Best Squarespace Plugins in 2019

Table of Contents

  • eCommerce
  • Gallery
  • Timeline
  • Lightbox
  • Accordion
  • Utilities
  • Countdown Clock
  • Instagram
  • We’ve devoured the internet and collected the best Squarespace plugins for whatever you need to do.

    While Squarespace comes with a tonne of functionality and great design built in, sometimes you’ve just gotta tweak that one thing to make your site stand out.

    In fact, when everything on Squarespace comes from a set of (well-designed) templates, it’s easy for your site to get lost in the pack.

    So we put together this list of the best Squarespace plugins we could track down.

    Start perfecting your site today.

    Best Squarespace eCommerce Plugins

    Sort by Price

    Ah, “Sort By Price – Low to High.” The story of my life.

    This plugin adds easy price sorting for your online store. Your customers will thank you.

    Price: $35

    Link: Squarepaste

    Pricing table

    Running a website for your service or subscription business?

    Advertise your different price tiers with this delightfully customizable plugin.

    Price: From $0 / month

    Link: Elfsight

    Inventory Levels

    We’ve previously written about creating urgency for shoppers, and this plugin lets you do that.

    Display how much stock you’ve got less so customers know they need to buy now.

    Price: From $24

    Link: SQSP Themes


    Adding a referral program to your Squarespace store lets you create word of mouth and reward your best customers.

    Reward people for telling their friends about you.

    Price: From $0 / month

    Link: Squarespace Referral Programs

    Social proof

    Add a live (or simulated) sales notification to your store to build trust with your visitors and increase conversions.

    Highlight your best products and showcase recent activity to build social proof.

    Price: From $0 / month

    Link: SquareCertify

    Grid Gallery 9

    So many gallery plugin options, but this one is pretty perfect for a simple grid gallery.

    Great for photographers and bloggers

    Price: $25

    Link: SquareStudio

    Masonry Style Gallery

    For those unfamiliar, the Masonry gallery has a killer collage effect.

    Turn any gallery on your site into a nice scrollable gallery.

    Price: From $24

    Link: SQSP Themes

    Best Squarespace Timeline Plugin

    Alternating Vertical Timeline

    One timeline plugin takes the cake for us – by the awesome SquareStudio.

    Showcase you and your store’s history. Beautiful animations as well.

    Price: $25

    Link: SquareStudio

    Ultimate Lightbox Anything

    Add pop-out content with a dimmed background using this lightbox plugin.

    Great for secondary information and stuff you want to highlight.

    Price: From $50

    Link: SQSP Themes

    Best Squarespace Accordion Plugin

    Classic Accordion

    Simple and straightforward accordion for text-heavy pages that you want to keep visually clean.

    Use this for FAQs and About pages.

    Price: $20

    Link: SquareStudio

    Two Quick Utilities We Like from SquareStudio

    Back to Top

    Adds a little button in the bottom left or right that users can click to go back to the top of the page.

    Really handy.

    Price: $12

    Link: SquareStudio

    Image Slider

    This one’s a little bit fancy. It adds a cool slider that lets you flow between two images side-by-side.

    Useful if you have multiple product options or want to do a before-and-after effect.

    Price: $25

    Link: SquareStudio

    Best Countdown Timer Plugins

    You have two options for the best countdown clock plugin for Squarespace. Option one is $20 from SQSP Themes and option two is $19 from SquareStudio

    Best Instagram Plugin

    Instagram Feed Widget

    This is a super-customizable Instagram feed plugin for you site.

    You can show a single post, a slideshow of a bunch of posts, a collage, and a slider. So many options.

    Price: From $0 / month

    Link: Elfsight


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