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Squarespace Recent Sales Notifications

Increase sales by adding a social proof widget to your Squarespace store.

How can you build social proof and grow trust in your business?

Show customers that people like them are buying and loving your products.

Increase customer trust with a notification pop-up displaying recent orders on your Squarespace store.

Does it work?

Proof discovered that showing social proof lifted conversions by 10%

Notifia regularly sees a 15% increase in bottom-line sales

Build confidence in your brand by showing customers that other people trust you.

Use the power of social proof to direct customers towards smart purchases.

Customers feel a sense of urgency that boosts bottom line sales.

How It Works

As visitors browse your store, we’ll display a small pop-up highlighting recent purchases by other customers.

By seeing what other people are doing, visitors trust your brand, feel compelled to buy, and understand that their purchase is safe with you.

Our plug-in securely processes your store’s sales data to generate real-time notifications.

Peach’s Recent Order Notifications are the simple, no-code solution to create social proof for your Squarespace store.

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